Difference Between Smallpox and Chickenpox

Difference Between Small Pox and Chicken Pox

Difference between chickenpox and  smallpox is tabulated below

Caused by:
Smallpox is caused by Variola virus
Chickenpox is caused by Varicella zoster virus
Incubation Period:
It is 7-17 days for smallpox
It is 7-21 days for chickenpox
Prodromal Symptoms
These are Severe in smallpox
These are Mild in chickenpox
Distribution Of Rash
Centrifugal for smallpox
Centripetal for chickenpox
Palms and Soles
Frequently Involved in smallpox
Seldom affected in chickenpox
Usually free in smallpox
Axilla is affected in chickenpox
In smallpox it is Predominant on extensor surface, deep seated, vesicles are multilocular, only one stage of rash is seen at one time and there is no inflammation around the rash.
In Chickenpox Predominant on flexor surface, Superficial, Vesicles are unilocular, dewdrop like, different stages of rash can be seen at one time and there is an area of inflammation around the rash
Evolution Of Rash
Slow in smallpox
Rapid in chickenpox
In smallpox it Subsides   with appearance of rash but temperature may rise again in the pustular stage
In chickenpox Temperature rises with each crop of rash
chicken pox-rash-image
Chicken Pox Rash
smallpox rash image
Small Pox Rash.

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