Complications of Diabetes, Diabetes Complications, Effects Of diabetes On body

Complications of Diabetes, Diabetes Complications, Effects Of diabetes On body

Diabetes is metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar level.
Diabetes affects almost every system of the body.

All these effects become prominent only if blood sugar levels can’t be restricted under recommended values.
It doesn’t mean that diabetics will suffer from all these conditions. Diabetics must take care of themselves. If they are successful in controlling their blood sugar levels under normal range as a result of proper use of medicine, they will not suffer from these complications and can lead their lives happily.
We will discuss affects of diabetes one by one.

Effects of Diabetes on Cardiovascular System.

Diabetes has following effects on cardiovascular system

1.    Micro-vascular lesions
2.    Macro vascular lesions, atherosclerosis and narrowing of vascular lumen.
3.    Myocardial infarction and Ischemic heart diseases are common
4.    Myocarditis and valvular heart diseases are also common among diabetics.
5.    Micro infarcts are common for example development of gangrene in distal segments of limbs. ( amputations are common ).

Effects of Diabetes on Respiratory System.

1.    Respiratory infections are common

Effects of Diabetes on Genitourinary system

1.    Nephropathy
2.    Urinary Tract infections
3.    Renal impairment.
4.    Impotence in males

Effects on Diabetes in Central / Autonomic and peripheral Nervous system

1.    Neuropathy
2.    Poly neuropathy (involvement of more than cranial nerve)
3.    Mono neuropathy (involvement of single nerve)
4.    Peripheral neuropathy
5.    numbness
6.    lack of sensations (e.g touch, pain, pressure )

Effects of Diabetes on Metabolic system

1.    Serum fatty acid and Triglycerides level increase
2.    This is because body can’t utilize glucose for energy production; therefore body chooses alternative sources that are fatty acids.
3.    Increase levels of ketone bodies, Ketone bodies are produce as a result of metabolism of fatty acids
4.    Increase production of ketone bodies result in ketoacidosis

Effects of diabetes on Skin

1.    Subcutaneous infections are common.
2.    For example diabetic foot.
3.    Skin rashes.