Calcium is good for Girls Builds Bones

Calcium is good for Girls Builds Bones

Calcium is good for bone

A new study1 highlights the significant gains to be made by consistent calcium supplementation, gains that are lost when calcium supplementation is stopped.

Maximizing bone development during teenage years is vital for a woman’s later-life risk for osteoporosis.  Indeed, the failure to maximize optimal bone formation during teenage years is lost ground that is difficult to make up.

Teenage girls taking an average of 555 mgs of supplemental calcium per day had significantly better bone density and bone mineralization in all skeletal sites.  This is extremely good news.  However, those gains were lost when calcium supplementation was discontinued. 

This study indicates that at least 500 mg of supplemental calcium per day should be started by teenagers and continued into adulthood.  Consistency is important and most optimal for long-term benefit.

The quality of calcium is also important.  Daily Bone Xcel is a combination of the finest calcium available along with other important bone-building cofactors.  3 capsules per day reach the level of calcium described in the current study.