What is Kawasaki disease?

What is Kawasaki disease?

Kawasaki disease

Is caused by a doctor Japanese name Tomisaku Kawasaki first discovered in 1967 should be known as Kawasaki disease. The disease usually occurs in children <3 years old, but can still be seen in all ages. Common disease manifestations such as high fever, skin rash, swollen neck glands, red eyes, red lips, red tongue fruit strawberries, throat ulcers, swelling of the hands, feet, peeling fingers hands and toes. Less common manifestations are swelling, joint pain, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, inflammation of the gallbladder, intestinal obstruction, jaundice, kidney failure, meningitis. Especially diseases affecting the cardiovascular system causing myocarditis, heart failure, inflammation of the principal and dilated blood vessels that feed the heart (coronary arteries) leading to myocardial infarction, which can be fatal.

Peeling fingertips, usually occurs on the 3rd week of the disease

Red lips, dry and chapped, bleeding can

Rash diverse limb and torso

Red eyes, dry, bleeding can

Cervical lymph node is usually on the left, to, less pain, red can

  Why children with Kawasaki disease?

  Now have not found the cause of the disease, this disease likely related to bacterial or viral infection. The current understanding of the world shows that this disease is not contagious and is not hereditary. Disease can recur but low rate. The disease usually occurs in children of Asian countries.

  How treatment of Kawasaki disease?

  The disease can only be diagnosed definitely infected after 5 days. In the acute phase of patients to the hospital and gamma globulin therapy for preventing cardiovascular complications, this drug will be most effective when used before the 10th patient. In addition, the children also have to use aspirin to prevent embolism in a minimum period of 6 weeks. Unless the doctor asked, patients with Kawasaki need special diets daic. When not affect the heart, patients remains normal activities. If the patient has heart problems the doctor guides the physical activities that are consistent with each patient. After taking gamma globulin, children not immunized for 6 months, then the normal vaccine.

  Kawasaki disease be prevented?

  Because they do not know the cause should not be prevented. If your child has a fever accompanied by rash skin rash, the family should take her to a doctor specializing in Paediatrics to be diagnosed early and treated promptly.
  Re-examination? How long time?
Patients will be re-examined by a doctor's appointment. Re-examination of time depending on the condition. If coronary affect young will be regular follow-up visits. Kawasaki patients should be monitored for life.