Treatment for disease armpit, smelly feet

Treatment for disease armpit, smelly feet

Sweat undertake a variety of tasks, in which a task is the discharge of toxic substances in the body out. The composition of sweat is actually "good food" for the bacteria, including the bacteria Corynebacterium Minitissumum specializes in fatty acid metabolism and creates black spots on ... body odor.

Women often face armpit disease than men

Treatment for disease armpit

Many people suffering with his armpit illness. Just powerful motor, it was a bit hot, 5 to 7 minutes, they were "frozen" a smell medical characteristics of armpit. In the summer, they are afraid to stand out from the crowd, and just a gesture away, wrinkled his nose ... the opposite of that they lost all confidence to work.

They also have to give the vivid, bright color and fashionable for fear of sweating, wet armpit makes people easy to recognize. Throughout the year, they wear dark shirts. Moment, they had to use the toilet deodorant. They also often have to stay away from the active, vibrant agencies.

Armpit is a disease that women have more than men.
There are many terrible smell that just need their glance was seen flying unpleasant smell do people have to go into another direction.

The cause of the armpit be explained by the sweat glands cancel (apocirine) focus a lot in the armpit. Destroy sweat glands is rich in fatty acids and "feed" the good bacteria, which a bacteria Corynebacterium Minitissumum. After the metabolism of fatty acids, bacteria will produce more odor make up the smell.

Each discharge of different fatty acid concentrations. The nature of the fatty acid is odorless. But the difference in concentration caused when bacteria decompose them, will produce different odors. In addition, the density of bacteria, the bacteria reside on each different person also contributed to "enjoy" and "off" smell of the bacteria is also different.

Armpit treatment mainly to limit the activities of bacteria and fungi in the arm pit area or reduce the excretion of the sweat glands nach.Cac the most effective methods used is skin hygiene, shaved armpit to limit bacteria reside; wear a cloth material to absorb sweat and topical antiseptics and reduce sweating inherent in the deodorant.

If all these measures did not reduce odor, the doctor will put the issue to destroy the armpit sweat glands by injecting substances to nerve paralysis armpit as Botox, Dysport reduce sweating at the injection site; Surgery to the armpit sweat glands; Using laser beam selectively on prey glands armpit them permanently destroy the sweat glands were burned.

Treatment for smelly feet

Sweat gland activity depends on the sympathetic nervous system.

There are three factors that stimulate the sympathetic nervous dominated sweat glands is temperature, psychological and taste.

Every day your body excrete about 500 - 600 ml of sweat. If irritated psychological, sweat will increase more in the soles of the feet and palms. Maximum excited when the body can excrete 12 liters of sweat in 24 hours. Even 3 liters in one hour.

Foot odor is the doctor's purse is like the smell of urine, like child diapers smell after a long night soggy. The reason is that the sweat glands are at the foot of the sweat glands secrete water (eccrine) helps waste heat, waste residues similar to urinate. The composition of this water through the skin with 98 - 99% water and 1-2% is inorganic, organic (containing the products of protein metabolism, such as urea, ammonia, lactate, sulfate, phosphate and some electrolytes such as Na +, Cl -, K + ...

With these components, after sweating in the legs, folded environment as shoes, will create favorable conditions for the development of bacteria and fungi, break down organic matter in the composition of sweat and decay skin cells forming odor.

Foot odor treatment is required to prevent the growth of fungi in the shoe and not sweating in the feet. To limit the bad leg, you need cleaned in place with clear straps sandals in summer; using any fabric material is easy to absorb sweat and frequently change socks while wearing shoes. Limit the risk of sweating feet more by avoiding the sympathetic nerve stimulation (eat less hot spices, heat; keep emotions calm). If fungal skin in the leg, you should sprinkle fungicide powder into the shoes before and needed to treat this disease so thoroughly.

When these measures do not improve the situation, the doctor will consider paralyzed nerve branches the soles of the feet with topical injections or surgery to the sympathetic ganglia. However, many cases just make hygiene and living in moderation, some time later, the phenomenon of increased sweating odor go away and thus also improved.