Tip cure armpit disease with alum

Tip cure armpit disease with alum

Can use alum to treat armpit?

Body odor huge impact on the image and attractiveness of the girl, due to work pressure and breakneck speed of modern life that more and more people armpit. It can be seen that the armpit is the treatment could not be used to delay the choice of treatment is also very important, depending on the status of selected Cure that need different armpit disease treatments.

According to popular experience alum (alumen) sour, welding, has a detoxifying effect, according to Chinese medicine alum of antiseptic use, all itching, bleeding, diarrhea held, thermal bar anti-inflammatory.

To use this method we first need to get the first piece of alum the size of a chicken egg and put in one small iron box, for heat and wait until the water evaporates completely, piece alum turns white is , then ground into powder and used. Can use every day in the morning, afternoon, evening, after bathing, hand coated up the armpit to reduce odor hoi.Day is relatively effective method and is widely used.

So use alum to treat armpit good? 

In fact, crystal alum usually evaporates so long in the air should not cause harm to human health nguoi.Tuy course a few years ago it was discovered that, in alum contains 1 aluminum content, this can be harmful to human health if absorbed in the long run can cause dementia in the elderly. So best to treat armpit should not be used.

To the best armpit treatment is should use minor surgery, although minor surgery methods usually have higher costs compared to the use of topical but is the most effective method, especially tips Invasion minimum encroachment. Minimally invasive treatment method is quite simply one incision small range of 3mm on the armpit then used advanced imaging techniques to correct surgery, correct position and eradicate odor armpit.