The methods which treat armpit disease effective

The methods which treat armpit disease effective

Currently, armpit diseases brought no small trouble for you young men and women, but the disease does not directly affect health, but it makes sufferers lose confidence. Armpit disease, often those around alienation, malicious teasing. Many people encounter hardships in romance, work and because of this nasty disease, making their lives increasingly isolated, psychological influence, even cause depression feel.

Scientists discovered, the key to cause the disease it is: abnormal development of sweat glands in the body, sweating contains a lot of protein, under resolution activities of the bacteria residing under the armpit caused unpleasant odors.

The methods which treat armpit disease effective:

      - Cleverly concealed odors:

 Perfume is ingenious methods conceal body odor, but this method does not achieve the desired effect for heavy armpit, by a mixture of incense perfume and axillary odor is really a nightmare; method is that cream restrict the secretion of sweat glands, in order to keep your underarms dry, limiting the resolution of bacteria, this method is of a temporary nature, should not be abused for a long time. Because when the body a lot of exercise, many details still sweating. Next to that there are a number of patients with hypersensitivity to axillary cream.

     - Use medical armpit disease: 

Drinking cure armpit have the effect of limiting the secretion of sweat glands, in terms of extent, certain drugs are also effective in limiting sweat gland secretions, as reduce odors. However this is not a radical treatment method, this method also provides temporary, long use can lead to many side effects.

A thorough armpit treatment does not stop at preventing sweat gland secretion that is eradicate sweat glands, thereby achieving the purpose of removing armpit disease.

     - Normal minor surgery method: 

This method provides effective treatment possible, but will leave ugly scars under his arm, a relatively high recurrence rates, even minor surgery cases affecting the movement of the arm, if patients armpit not thorough treatment, will become genetic risk to the next generation. So, for people with armpit under 18, we do not encourage you to do minor surgery. There are instances, route network sweat under armpits too wide, causing difficulties for minor surgery, can not remove all the sweat glands, after minor surgery scarring is not beautiful.

     - The most modern method: 

Minor surgery under knife Nano technology, both minor surgery process takes only 25 minutes, no pain, no bad scarring, loss of aesthetics, minor surgery done can go home , does not affect the work, especially the patient can recover completely after one week, the treatment is suitable for all ages. This method is now considered the treatment method best armpit.