Surgical treatment of Armpit disease for men?

Surgical treatment of Armpit disease for men?

Developed by sweat glands than women, so the conventional treatments armpit deodorant spray, use lemon ... almost useless.
In particular, this phenomenon usually occurs in men by large sweat glands of the wing eyebrow beard growth, plus the popular trend of movement lead to heavy sweating. However, not everyone can easily recognize their body odor, especially males not always pay attention to the form, even many that men have to "dust", "smell" is masculine without any attention to the "nasal crease" and "silencing" or Lang Chanh around.

Armpit disease treatment by

What causes body odor comes from the large sweat glands only unsaturated fatty acid, ammonia compounds. Yourself these substances out of the sweat glands causing the smell. However, due to the location of the large sweat glands are concentrated in enclosed areas such as the armpits, genital area, where bacteria, fungi often appear. So when sweating active bacteria on the surface of the skin break down fatty acids create difficult smelling odor. This is the cause of should armpit diseases.

Armpit is a disease that causes a lot of stress and loss of confidence in life. Disease is often associated with increased sweating armpit, many people often confuse methods cut the sympathetic ganglia in the armpit can cure armpit. However, this method can reduce sweating, not cure armpit for not thoroughly remove the cause of the odor.

Many people look to the deodorant products or solutions as Folk alum used, but effective immediately, not only achieve long-term results. However, the primary method combined with laser surgery to remove the odor-causing sweat glands mucous glands in the armpit hollow will help you thorough treatment of the armpit.
Your doctor will remove completely apocrine glands (sweat glands and odors in armpit) by plamas rays without causing pain.

Previously, surgery is often associated with necrosis should be less extensive. However, high-technology now allows doctors to evaluate and draw route maps smelly armpit, guarantees the removal of all apocrine route without incision in the skin does not have online.

The surgery took place in about 30-60 minutes, the patient will feel normal after 2-3 days. The scar left after surgery are two very small spots in the hollow of the armpit will blur and fades over time. After surgery, the smell is completely removed without reducing sweating, so there was no sweating, make up as sympathetic ganglion burning chest.

Winter is the ideal time for you to perform this surgery because this season armpits less sweaty, low temperature postoperative hygiene guaranteed better.