Signs of kidney disease

Signs of kidney disease

Kidney disease is one cause many complications very high side, so to find signs of the disease as early as possible before it is too late. Kidney pain causes pain in the hip, back, close to the ribs, can cause fever. Also, change the color of urine in kidney disease.

Kidney dialysis functions urine toxic waste to create and produce hormones to regulate the amount of urine and affect blood pressure. Urine from the kidneys to make the turn in two pipes of the ureter, bladder and flowing down. Urine deposited a few hours and then be taken out of the urethra tube. For men, through the urethra to the outside pipe has semen including sperm production by the testicles and the prostate and seminal vesicles.

The signs of the disease

Usually the patients are often signs of back pain and concludes with the stones. However, 98% of back pain is not caused by kidney disease that is due to illness, spine, nerves or body pain. The flu patients outside his pain throughout the back pain. 2% of back pain due to kidney disease, only 1% is caused by kidney stones, the rest is due to nephritis, renal tumor.

* Kidney pain causes back pain in the hip, close to the ribs may be accompanied by fever.

* Painful kidney stones, ureteral stones cause severe pain, pain in the back running down the genitals.

The symptoms of back pain:

* When patients soreness, pain down the legs due to sciatica, spinal pain.

* Back pain close to the pelvis, pain when standing or lifting heavy furniture, the pain may radiate down the buttock or leg, it is also due to sciatica.

* Back pain due to nerve root often increases after cycling or on a long distance motorcycle and suspension.

* Back pain due to fatigue appear normal after a hard working day, sedentary work, at work, feeling the soreness back and body. To understand the causes of back pain, the doctor will have the inspection and examination of the patient's kidney and spine. If necessary may conduct additional examinations such as ultrasound, X-ray, urine test ...

View urinary diagnosis

Change the color and clarity of the urine can be caused by food or a drug that causes urine color change. Another reason is due to kidney disease in because this is where the production of urine, or in the bladder, where urine. Normal urine color from pale yellow to dark vapor. Yellow depending on the concentration quality urinary mochorome. This is a matter of hemoglobin degradation. If the body has less water supply or more workers that do not drink enough water, your urine dark yellow. Sometimes the urine is only slightly opaque coating, especially when urinating in the morning. These phenomena show that urine contain mild most crystals to close. Drink plenty of water or take 2 tablets Chdoramonic supplements in the evening to urine. Colored urine may also be cloudy urine with blood. Best to see a specialist doctor, urinalysis, urine culture, urethral cultures for bacteria, ultrasound, X-ray ... to find the cause of the symptoms. After finding out the cause so that different treatments and effective. If symptoms urination, sub lat mice, Xiaoshan are the symptoms of the disease in the bladder or urethra, not kidney disease. The most common cause cystitis in women and children, also for male urethritis, prostate tumors, especially for patients over 50 years of age.

Affect physiological?

Sometimes people believe that physical weakness or have any problems during sex are caused by kidney failure. However, the reality is not like that which is caused by blood vessels narrowed genital neuropathic switch controls in place or on the brain to malfunction. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment of physical weakness is a delicate and complex issue. Of physiology including disease groups following: desire disorder (loss of or decreased libido), erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder (possibly premature ejaculation or no ejaculation), disorder the feeling (no feelings or painful peaked), low fertility. Each disease group into smaller groups, corresponding to different diseases, each disease has its own treatment. Renal diseases will be diagnosed and treated according to the results of a doctor.

Thus, the right kidney may be due to kidney disease, kidney disease rarely causes back pain, weak physiological, not entirely due to weak kidneys. If not in compliance, the current best how to prevent kidney disease is to drink plenty of water, especially when working in the sun, in a hot environment, exercise, hard labor. If in everyday living, just 6-7 hours to see the sad passing urine and the urine is dark yellow, make sure your body is not getting enough water. So we need to drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters of water per day.