Shingles - when need to visit?

Shingles - when need to visit?

Nerve Shingles is a viral skin disease. Pathogenic virus Varicella zoster virus. More common in the fall - winter or winter-spring of all genders, all ages.

Causes and manifestations of disease

Although the virus that causes the disease, but not always the virus can invade and cause illness. Viruses can cause disease only when we weakened immunity, dramatically reduced the number of immune cells in the skin. The specific situation is cold, changing seasons, body weakness, fatigue, depression, insomnia, stress, suppression, think worries many things too power is said to be the cause of the disease.

Shingles are easy to identify, can find and discover at home. Disease is evident by the three symptoms: fever, pain, irritation and blisters.

Fever associated with shingles can be sudden high fever in young children but can also be fever in adults, then a relatively high fever but rarely up to 40 degrees. Accompanied by fever is sore skin manifestations. Burning since the new body fever, also first before burning but often sore and fever occurred simultaneously.

Sores on the skin is very clear and very typical. Skin at the site of the virus intrusion pain and irritation as to burn. After a short time period of several hours, the skin begins to show signs of redness. Now more and more sore skin. Pain that the patient does not dare to touch the skin, do not even dare to clothing rubbing against the skin.

About 1 - 2 days of fever, red skin, blisters began to appear. Acne is characterized by localized, do not spread to other skin areas have thick skin covering membrane and water on the inside, about the size of 3-5mm, floating wood, focus, convergence clusters, such as a beam grapes. Lesions appear as a trail in the path of the nerve. Perhaps for this reason that it is called shingles nerve.

Patients tired partly because of fever, in part because of sores on the skin, partly because of body aches.

Once found on the body we have three signs: fever, pain, irritation and blisters, the almost is definitely nervous shingles. If you notice more is the damage confined on one side and to the opposite side, also not spread to the skin next to the same side of the body, we further confirmed that the disease.

Nerve damage caused by shingles.

How to manage how?

The treatment of shingles is also quite simple. Most cases can be treated at home. Adequate therapy of neurological shingles include: analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory; soothe; drugs against bacterial and viral inhibitors.

Because our bodies fever and joint pain muscle pain, fever, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory effective. Conventional medicine is paracetmol sparkling form in combination with codeine is quite good in this disease. The patient will feel pain, fever and bone and joint aches anymore. If not supported, the patient must consult a doctor nerve pain medications.

Next is to soothe the skin. It is not complicated or expensive drugs that only medical lake. Usage is simple: shake well before use, use a cotton swab soaked in the lake and applied lightly to the surface of the skin lesions. Apply 2 times a day, apply a thin layer. Lakes have very good skin cooling effect, can immediately reduce skin burning sensation. The lake is only used in 2 - 3 days of illness. Then, to switch to the antiseptic solution. Such as methylene blue, or other solution as purple gentan, organic iodine. This solution is applied gently to the lesions is effective against bacterial infections for the blisters. How deep skin will not hurt and there is no risk of scarring.

Medicine can finally is acyclovia. This is viral inhibitors. Drugs used in very good condition. But can only be used when indicated and the guidance of your doctor. In some cases, steroids can have side effects.

Varicella zoster virus.

When to see a doctor?

Usually, shingles can be treated at home, just after 7 - 10 days is a sign of disease back and forward from. We will not have to go to hospital treatment. However, in some special cases, may require intervention to the medical staff. Specifically, in one of the following cases:

- Being nervous shingles near the eyes and the ears must visit. If not for shingles nerve running into the ears or fall into the eye or ear medication is dangerous.

- Shingles nerve not confined to one side of which spread to the opposite side. Shingles especially the chest, back, neck, back of the neck when the worst of it can spread to the other side.

- Shingles nervous necrosis. Skin lesions expression ulcers and gangrene.

- Nerve Shingles on a large scale as the upper body from belly to back, nerve shingles infection, pus entire node lesions.

- Nervous Shingles occurs when people are treating some diseases, such as AIDS, hepatitis, cancer, autoimmune disease ...

In all these cases, our early visits will help prevent shingles develop, prevent complications occur.