Shingles in the elderly

Shingles in the elderly

Shingles is caused by a virus Gaya (viricella zoster), the virus in addition to causing shingles we also have the ability to cause chickenpox. Shingles can occur in any age but the encounter rate is more than the elderly .

Expression of shingles

 English of medical Shingle name is Herpes Zoster. Herpes is a virus that causes the skin and can occur in the mouth, vagina, eye conjunctivitis. There are three common types of herpes but is H. simplex and H. zoster. Shingles before full development often do not see the specific manifestations notice. However, the disease also appeared some symptoms similar to a number of infections that are common upper respiratory tract infection such as: fever, fatigue, aches and pains all over her body. Followed by pain, burning, stinging like a needle or ant bites, itching and very uncomfortable, and increased skin sensitivity so that each touching the patient pain increased. Pain may be continuous or intermittent, sometimes the pain makes the patient cried. After a few days in this area appears for an array of red color, then the appearance of the rash. The blisters grow in clusters close to each other forming arrays or clusters linked together. When on a network has only one beam but when forming blisters. In some cases the blisters grow in a row, all round comes round to spread than a skin.

In addition to fever, pain, burning, itching in Shingles skin, patients can see swollen lymph glands and pain in the vicinity of close to Shingles position, especially is shingles head, face, neck. If Shingles in the shoulder or neck lymph nodes armpit side shoulder swelling and pain. If shingles appears on the thighs or legs, can be treated in the groin and leg had swollen, painful. The appearance of shingles on  the elderly body can meet in the eyes (Shingles eye), head, face, arms, neck, back, chest, legs. It usually occurs on one side of the body as they cause damage to the nerve roots, for example, only one side of the back, one on the chest, a party eye ... When Shingles, after about 1-2 weeks is free from if there are multiple infections or complications. If you have multiple infections, the disease may have a higher fever and, Shingles skin will fester and can spread to other skin areas (skin infection after shingles), and also very easy to cause septicemia.
Shingles disease generally is not dangerous to life. However in Shingles, being in the eye (Shingles eye) is more dangerous. The most worrisome complication of shingles for the elderly is causing pain in the area of ​​the skin been Shingles weekly, monthly, as last year, although the skin was off completely. Because pain is very uncomfortable for the patient fatigue, appetite loss, sleep disturbance extends up the other conditions for the elderly  Complication rate pain after shingles skin in the elderly about 1/3 of the elderly sick. Pain lasting in Zona skin is caused by damage to the nerve roots people called Shingles nervous. In addition, it is also seen in patients with shingles can also cause inflammation of the eyes, corneal ulcers and consequences to the corneal scar is a very large impact on vision and can cause blindness. Once off the shingles, the virus Zoster will localize a nerve located in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. They are usually lying there like a "hibernation" when conditions are favorable, they rise and continue to cause shingles in any location on the body. The main reason that the majority of the elderly shingles could be due during live once Zoster viruses attack (pathogens), such as a child has had chickenpox.

What to do when the elderly suspected shingles?

Shingles disease is not dangerous but their complications caused many troubles for the patient. So, when the elderly suspected shingles should seek medical attention immediately. Your health is the best dermatologist. Should be examined as soon as possible for early treatment will be very beneficial for the patient as it can reduce the duration of illness (drugs will limit the growth of the virus, thereby limiting their attack on the nerves) and especially reduces pain for patients. Depending on the location and severity of disease that a doctor will have to specify the appropriate treatment.

Because the disease is caused by a virus, so no cure to destroy only the effect of reducing drug development (replication) of them. In addition, the doctor will give more painkillers, anti-inflammatory to relieve the patient's pain just as quickly from the disease. The patient does not automatically or listen to the whisperings of the people that buy drugs for treatment, absolutely no antibiotics, because any antibiotics that kill viruses. The use of antibiotics only when indicated by your doctor (ie patients had multiple infections).

Need cleaning the skin of the sick and antiseptic medicines that doctors prescribe for the purpose not to skin disease bacterial superinfection. Patients should not worry and should be resolved for treatment soon be.