Shingles in the ear: how to detect and treat

Shingles in the ear: how to detect and treat

 Shingles is a disease nerve damage due to a nervous affection virus causes, virus attacks on all the nerves of the body, especially the wires go in the rural characteristics of the disease is the only cause nerve damage a party, including the ears.

Zona ear is the name of the disease when the shingles virus to cause disease in lymph knee and the way of the cranial nerves VII (facial nerves) and VIII (auditory nerve). Zona ear is a rare disease, accounting for approximately 0.01% of the patient to the ear-nose-throat.

How do I know shingles infected ear?

Expression like disease when infected with other viruses. Patients 38-39 ˚ C fever, body aches, headache, fatigue, yellow urine ... and at the same time the appearance of the symptoms of shingles in the ear.
Pain very severe ear is a sign from the head, ear irritation such as burns, discomfort along the outer ear canal, the skin before and after the disaster. Gradually feel the pain spread deep in the ear. Symptoms ear pain turn into bouts, lasts for a few days. Sometimes this pain spreads down to the mouth, throat accompanied by disorders sensation in the throat, tongue eating disease used to be hot.

Image shingles lesions in the inner ear.
Skin sore area small blisters appearing more and more pins, lemon yellow inside contains scattered on the skin of the lid, speakers, ear, down the ear canal (known as the Ramsey-Hunt: a map the branches of the nerve). After a few days, these blisters break, then, in place of the formation of blisters scab and gradually peeling left many scars white spots on the skin.
In some cases, the line VII - facial nerve motor control, shingles virus attack, the patient will show signs of paralysis on the same side of the rash. Physicians think to VIII cord damage when patients complain of hearing loss ears with ear disease, appears u like the sound of ringing, crickets. Patients may show signs of dizziness, unsteadiness.

Shingles in the ear

In place: In front or behind the patient's ear floating small cost. External ear canal skin thick, red blisters in different stages, the broken, the scarring, with the yellow fluid. If the patient is rubbed many in this area, the blisters will have multiple infections, infection can cause diffuse inflammation external ear canal, inflammation of the cartilage of the ear ... Red eardrum congestion. On the audiogram is a hearing loss receive.
The diagnosis is mainly based on clinical symptoms as signs of pain and blisters located in the region of the nerve on one side.
It usually changes within 2 weeks passes without abnormal changes on the patient's body.
Some cases of severe cause of meningitis, at 39-40 ยบ C fever, headache, vomiting and bounds, digestive disorders, stiff neck, signs of Kernig (+), signs of meningeal bar ( +) ...
Shingles in the ear if not detected and treated in time can cause sore nerves last a lifetime, especially when the weather changes; peripheral facial palsy on one side; deaf receive no recovery.
Shingles usually causes reduced body resistance, a number of cases of HIV (+) and shingles is one expression when moved to late-stage disease. Therefore, in order to avoid getting sick, keeping a healthy body with diet, exercise, healthy living lifestyle and contribute very important.