Shingles easily confused with contact dermatitis caused by insect

Shingles easily confused with contact dermatitis caused by insect

Skin damage caused by insects.

Patients scattered throughout the year. But at this point is developing insect season, farmers harvest season insect habitat loss, plus insect makes flood light into the house of which the insect is toxic human disease. The fact that there are two major types of insect larvae are also known as butterfly moths and ants cavity.
Dermatitis caused by moth larvae (CarterPilar dermatitis)

CarterPilar is the larva of a butterfly or moth. Larvae have short hair, the hair can irritate the skin causing dermatitis. Dermatitis due to the seasonal butterfly larvae appear shortly after the young larvae appear. By direct contact with hair butterflies or feathers spread in the wind. However itching of skin reactions after exposure is secondary to mechanical irritation, vasodilators or infection response increased susceptibility remains unclear. Butterfly larvae hair and brown tail moth larvae have been found in many parts of the world, scientists have discovered on hairy moth larvae secrete a substance like histamine is the main root cause itching. Larvae can crawl directly on the skin or indirectly by wind blown hair to stick to clothes to wear to the sick.

Or lesions found in the open position as the face, neck, arms, legs, sometimes eye conjunctivitis due to road butterfly larvae in the eye, or night sleep larvae crawl up the eye area.

Damage caused by moth larvae are usually erythema edema, papules and vesicles, pustules, hot, burning pain.

Dermatitis caused by toxins at about

Packages cavity is smaller than the grain size wings, abdominal cavity tapered tip has a red color on a black background, dark or flying into the bulb sticking on the walls, beds, curtains and beef up the . Knowledge is pain and burning in the stomach contain toxins like piridin deep in that account. This substance when exposed to inflammatory skin make up skin, rotting flesh like acid was thrown. Some people do not know the slaying poll then accidentally touching or scratching the skin forming long lesions, or lesions in the forearm when sleeping grater forehead hurt spread to the forehead, trade damage in calf spread to the back of the thighs when squatting, injuries like this is called kissing lesions (kissing lesson) is a typical sign of contact dermatitis due to insects.

The nature of the lesion is erythema, vesicles, pustules, slipped shallow ulcers on the skin like dermatitis caused by moth larvae but more serious level, there may be multiple lesions on the skin. Pain greatly patients with shingles mistaken.

The difference of shingles

Shingles is actually viral tropism with neurological causes: viral replication in the ganglia and in nerve fibers in addition to causing skin diseases, so only a single package due to damage nerves that dominant and only one side is rarely symmetrical two places or two sides. What about insect dermatitis in exposed positions may be many parts of the body.

Lesions of shingles blisters, boils into the bunch into groups such as pain, appeared before rising blisters 1-2 days and would have cost the vicinity. Especially not kiss like lesions in contact dermatitis, shingles just after chickenpox, rarely spread should not be said to be shingles shingles and life only once, if someone 2nd shingles, you should carefully check the condition check for other diseases.

Nature of shingles is pain like an electric shock, painful bouts, injuries healed but the pain persists for a long time. What about contact dermatitis mainly smoldering burning and itching to attack and when not hurt relieved the pain completely.

Treatment of contact dermatitis caused by insect

To remove the cause as soon as possible by washing, changing clothes. At vulnerability topical lake, or antibiotic have steroids as: supricor-N, fusicort, fobancort. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine for 5 days sick from.


Restrict insects by closed glass doors, shutters, turn off the power or hanging lights outside the garden, for example, insects are not at home. When washing, drying clothes upside left, before washing towels test whether insect stick on the towel? When you see insects crawling over people to find ways drive, flick insects, not kill insects directly on the skin.