Renal failure to understand the basic knowledge about nutrition.

Renal failure to understand the basic knowledge about nutrition.

the basic knowledge about nutrition

Diet for kidney failure is a diet to reduce elevated blood urea and slow the progression of chronic renal failure step but not all patients also remember the basic rules.
Eat light important factor when treating renal

Renal failure has many different levels, but required a very strict diet. If they do not comply with the special diet will risk severe illness and lead to various complications.

At the health facility when the patient first health check advice of a doctor about diet that is reasonable: People with kidney disease should eat light and do not eat more than 2 - 4 g salt every day. When both kidneys fail, will not remove the salt retention in the body edema, high blood pressure, heart failure, fluid retention in the lungs and damage to the blood vessels. So to limit the maximum salt to prevent high blood pressure. Daily meals, do not use too much salt foods such as: put fish salt, shrimp paste, fish sauce, canned meat and fish, smoked meat, dried meat, salted meat, the food processing Ready, canned fruits and vegetables.

Kidney patients should limit your intake of protein because protein metabolism in the body will create more toxic, these substances are filtered through the kidneys causing overload and kidney damage. Limiting fat in processed foods is best to eat the boiled, steamed. Do not use diuretic drinks such as tea, coffee because the risk of kidney tired, creating kidney stones. Do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and drink 1.5 - 2 liters of water per day. Drink plenty of water efficiency measures to help the kidneys filter toxins, residues can form kidney stones out better.

There are many nutritional factors affect the evolution of kidney disease but need to pay special attention to such factors as: salt, potassium, protein, photspho and vitamins. Knowing these factors and the appropriate use of the daily diet will help patients with kidney failure and limit the progression of the disease.

Selection of food supplements improve health

Patients with chronic renal failure to have a reasonable diet to ensure healthy development of both physical and intellectual resources should have a basic understanding of the nutritional needs of the body, the nutritional value of food groups from which to know how to choose and eat in accordance with the needs of each condition. Diet carefully to help the patient feel comfortable and extend the working time of the kidney. Exercise regularly is essential for people with chronic kidney disease due to increase health, energy, life, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, weight control, reducing blood fat levels.