Recognize the signs of kidney failure

Recognize the signs of kidney failure

the signs of kidney failure

2 kidney has about 1 million units. It can take 50% of renal units and still lead a normal life. Hence there was a kidney to another person. However, if you take the number of renal units, kidney failure will begin.

The kidneys of a person can die, suspend or can not work because of a certain disease. If only suspended operations in a short time and treated properly and in time, the kidneys will work again.

Can recognize the symptoms of acute renal failure in the amount of urine excreted in the day. If the patient has no urine, or urine was less than 100 ml within 24g is said signs of acute renal failure. In addition, patients with other signs such as edema, swelling of the face, eyelid swelling due to fluid retention in the body.

Meanwhile, the symptoms of chronic kidney disease are more discreet. Patients usually have symptoms of fatigue, loss of appetite, loss of appetite, anemia (renal function also secretes hormones to red blood cells). If you did not notice, patients will not seek medical attention and ignore the symptoms.

To diagnose chronic renal failure, that is the basic test is to assess the concentration of blood urea and creatinine levels. For early detection of a patient with chronic renal failure or not, in the process of tracking medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes, etc.) doctors regularly for periodic inspection of the two urea index and creatinine.

To prevent chronic renal failure, urinary tract infection should seek medical treatment and the right way; avoid kidney stones by drinking more water. When kidney stones (can also cause urinary tract infections) should be treated immediately in order not to cause deadlock. Drink enough water to maintain urine output of 1.5 liters / day. Do not eat too much animal protein, eating more protein will be more active renal (kidney function of protein metabolism). Avoid eating fish density, solid density, to avoid infection, poisoning etc. When a patient has high blood pressure, diabetes ... need drug treatment adherence and implementation of diet on the advice of a doctor.

With only one kidney (for others a kidney, have atrophied a kidney disease, kidney stones lost a kidney, loss of a kidney injury ...), there is no second reserve, great to avoid the complications caused by other diseases.

What about cloudy urine, blood in the urine, urine night, back pain related to kidney disease? There are three causes cloudy urine. Blood in the urine over ... 100 reasons. Back pain has many causes, and there are many reasons to make us wake up primary night.

Therefore, in order to know exactly the urine is cloudy, blood in the urine, back pain, small night ... related to kidney disease or not, patients to the hospital for examination. Currently in Ho Chi Minh City, the hospital has done a variety of tests, the clinical diagnosis ... screening and early detection of kidney disease.