Note when armpit treatment

Note when armpit treatment

To treat severe, you can make a simple method of removing armpit sweat glands.

This is a little minor surgery, doctors incision about 2 cm on the axillary folds to remove the cause of underarm odor. This minor surgery is done quickly by using the map axillary sweat glands allows the doctor to perform the operation correctly, not the skin incision line. Time performed minor surgery takes only about 30 to 60 minutes. Perform minor surgery costs about 6 to 10 million, depending on each person's armpit area.

Remove armpit sweat glands just a little minor surgery and this is the method the doctor the most aesthetic options for aesthetics after implementation. Immediately after scars small, slender, pale pink on the crease of the armpit will disappear after 5 to 6 months.

Before performing minor surgery to remove sweat glands armpit you should wear wide sleeves, keep the spirit of comfort, living in moderation, do not skip meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) before performing minor surgery. Since removing armpit sweat glands just a little minor surgery so after doing minor surgery you can drive yourself home.

Axillary sweat gland removal method can be applied to everyone, but the results of treatment depends on the skin. With skin so thin, sweat glands adjacent to the background skin treatment results will not be as high as normal, at about 93%.

Customers therapy axillary sweat gland removal method will be direct physician care during treatment. After two months, you will get service check results.