Medicine of folk cure armpit disease

Medicine of folk cure armpit disease

Armpit is one of the common diseases, unpleasant smell of it will make people shun you. Even children with armpit also have noticed, if not can cause adverse effects to the child's psychological puberty.

We would advise you to some folk remedies to cure armpit as follows:

1. Armpit treatment with vinegar

100g rice vinegar mixed with 5 grams of flour in, and mix manually. Then, applied to the skin under the armpit.

2. Armpit treatment by pepper combined alcohol

50 g of powder fresh ground pepper, add 300 ml of wine, soak in the last 15 days. Then clean the armpit, pepper and cover with a mixture of alcohol and under the armpit, can immediately see the effect on brightness twice.

3. Fresh ginger treat armpit disease

Fresh Ginger washed, crushed, then take a clean cloth squeezed in, dumped trash. Used ginger juice applied to the armpits, a few times.

4. Treat armpit disease by seeds and pepper

Retrieved 50 pepper seeds, 20 seeds after mixing, grind into powder, then put in under his arm, they have the effect of limiting disease armpit.

5. Treat armpit disease by alum

For 50g alum in eggs, use their heat until runny alum, then wait alum hardens, then crushed into a powder, placed in the armpit, 2 times, effect mitigation, treatment, patient can be treated from armpit diseases.

6. Treat armpit disease by sweet potato

Sweet potato fresh, cut into slices up under his arm, every day 1-2 times, can treat armpit.

7. Wormwood combination with alum treat armpit disease

Take 20 g of dried sage leaves, crushed, stir with 20 g of powdered alum, and 200 g salt, north of the to hot kitchen island, then pour the mixture into the bag, then the clip below armpit 5 minutes, effect eradicate armpit, apply after one month as a result.

8. Tomatoes treated armpit disease: 

Juice smoothie 1 tomato, armpit clean, pour tomato juice in the sink was clean, then rinse warm water to cover 2/3 of the basin. Use a mixture of tomato juice in the tank wipe clean the armpits for 30 minutes, per week between 2 and 3 times.

People with smelly armpits, usually no television, ease stress, is a major obstacle in social communication, we recommend timely treatment, the method on this reference value, even if you to cure the disease armpit, they must carry out minor surgery clinic reputation.