Measures to cure armpit

Measures to cure armpit

May reduce odor by using the stem, root ginger Wind (also called forest, wild ginger) 20 g sun-dried, fine canopy, mixed with camphor 4 g, remove armpit every day 2 times.

Causes of armpit diseases

Male or female can armpit, but women have a higher rate. The human body has two types of sweat glands. Sweat glands are often (about 2-3 million) distributed throughout the surface of the skin and especially the palms of the feet, scalp and around the abdomen, back, body temperature regulation function. Also large sweat glands (or mucous sweat glands) in the armpit, genital area, starting from puberty development, operation and reduced reproductive age when many activities. Sweat dancing outside components like sweat usually have more glycogen, cholesterol ...

Many medicine that armpit to appear due to the particular structure of the components of sweat and sebum with excessive ammonia compounds, low molecular weight fatty acids ... Bacterial or fungal decomposers organization was absorbed sweat to create a combination of odors in the armpit.

Treat for armpit disease

To overcome the armpit, may Chlorophyll pills, each time 1-2 tablets (50 mg / tablet) 3 times a day, every 8 hours. Each period taking 30 days off a week, if still smell it for another round. Non-toxic, has no side effects.

You can use special medications armpit as Dr. Paul, Deodorant spray format, wax or roller bearings. Our formula includes substances kill bacteria, reduce armpit sweating (aluminum salts, tannic acid) and the foul-smelling arrest. These substances react with armpit odor substances, forming a compound with no odor ... Spraying, or rolling in the armpits every day 2 times, reduce maintenance 1 times / d.

Can also be applied folk experience: After washing clean, using alum fees up pulverized, rubbing every week 3-4 times in the armpit, sweaty armpit met alum odor is reduced. Or bath, take Department of alum to (in citrus fruits) to rub his arm, ensure 2-3 days axillary odor emanates. Coming into one, if you are sweating profusely, get the right department alum rub armpit odors.