Kidney disease - diet

Kidney disease - diet

Diet for renal failure

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Self cure for reference:

People with chronic kidney failure should abstain completely melons, coffee, shrimp paste, fish sauce, wine, beer ... When preparing food, absolutely no salt and seasoning, only allowed to use 1 tablespoon of fish sauce every day . When completely pale in line to eat.

Of drinking water, chronic renal failure patients should use boiled water and boiled vegetables, fruit juices (orange, tangerine). Of drinking water per day by adding 200-300 ml urine output.

These foods should be limited

- Rice, potatoes, beans, peanuts, sesame.

- Vegetables and sweet, vegetable, spinach, bean sprouts.

- The animal organs such as liver, kidney, brain, heart ....

The food should be used

- The food contains less protein as eastern, cassava, sweet potatoes.

- Fresh fruits such as bananas, longan, litchi, na, mango, papaya, sweet grapes.

- The salt vegetables like gourd, squash, melon, cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage, vegetables.

- The more nutritious foods such as eggs, lean meat, fish, milk, shrimp.

The food is best:

- Myanmar cooked lean meat or lean meat fried bean sprouts.

- Taro, sweet potato, boiled, boiled cassava dotted line.

- Cassava flour cooked tea.

- Cake flour.

- Potatoes, fried sweet potatoes.

The amount of food in a day

- Lean meats (fish, shrimp) 100 g. Can replace it with two egg or 1 covers tofu.

- Lard 2-3 tsp.

- Rice (or wheat) 120 g. May be replaced by Eastern 150 g or 300 g sweet potatoes, taro.

- 1 tablespoon fish sauce.

- Cucumber, pumpkin, vegetables 200-300 g.

- Bananas, na, litchi, longan 200-300 g.