High blood pressure related to kidney failure?

High blood pressure related to kidney failure?

But vice versa, the disease can cause kidney failure and 80% of patients with renal impairment with increased blood pressure. It's a fact very difficult to identify in patients with hypertension: renal failure is derived from hypertension or renal origin of hypertension as a result, complications of kidney disease. And from there, the question is to control blood pressure to prevent kidney failure. Also need good treatment renal new restrictions hypertension.

The relationship between hypertension and renal failure

In patients with hypertension, over time, high blood pressure will strangle, flushing up into the bloodstream, will destroy the blood vessels in the body, reducing blood supply to the kidneys and other organs . High blood pressure also accelerate the process of atherosclerosis, along with dyslipidemia, the plaque will cause narrowing of the blood vessels is blood pressure increase. The kidney is a filter, a membrane system is very sophisticated and sensitive. When high blood pressure, high blood pressure flush the system with the membrane of the kidney, destroyed in the glomerular filter, resulting in reduced kidney is able to filter out toxic residues and excess water out. Accumulation of fluid in the vascular system increases the circulating volume should be higher blood pressure even more. That is the mechanism of hypertension resulting from chronic renal failure.

Normally, through the renin-angiotensin kidney function is to keep the blood pressure stable. But when the kidneys are damaged, the ability to regulate blood pressure reduction for high blood pressure. If kidney failure, hypertension severe kidney disease is increasing. Thus, the increase in blood pressure can be a complication of chronic renal failure.

Therefore, in all cases, patients need to comply with the treatment by your doctor to control blood pressure level allows, thus reducing the rate of kidney damage and control of the cardiovascular complications of hypertension cause ..

How to prevent and treat kidney failure?

When high blood pressure without proper treatment, for a long time, the risk of kidney failure is certain. Examination the doctor will ask the patient to assess kidney function tests include: blood creatinine to assess kidney's ability to filter blood, from here can your kidney function; urine test primary check for protein, protein in the urine is a sign that the kidneys are damaged, the higher the protein proved more severe kidney damage and you can hurt the heart. If you have kidney, next tested for GFR and urine protein, need to do more tests:

+ Renal ultrasound to check for problems is nothing unusual about the size, structure or obstruction.

+ EKG to check heart function.

+ Test glucose, lipids (fats, cholesterol) in the blood

+ Check your weight and height to calculate BMI.

When you're on a stable treatment regimen, you may not need a doctor regularly. Patients only need to see a doctor in case: start using a new medication; must raise blood APY change the dose of the drug; kidney damage worse; unable to control blood pressure ... This stage in addition to the assessment of renal tests, you can also measure the amount of potassium in the blood, because the kidney, can increase the amount of potassium in the blood, which is very dangerous for the heart. On the other hand, a number of drugs for the treatment of hypertension and renal failure may also increase potassium. Your doctor will only diet for you if the amount of potassium in your blood increases.

What if treatment with both hypertension and renal failure?

The goal of treatment is to be achieved: control blood pressure below 130/80mmHg; prevent kidney damage worse; reduce the risk of heart disease. To achieve these goals, you need to adhere to a treatment regimen consistent with kidney disease, your doctor may request further examination by experts in the kidneys or blood pressure to get a method optimal treatment. You also need to combine diet and lifestyle make a match stage renal failure:

+ If in stage 1-2, you diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

+ If the period of 2 - 3, you need to eat pale under 2.400mg per day, reduced fat and cholesterol because they increase the risk of heart disease.

Stage 3 - 4 to minimize bone disease, you should control the amount of protein, eat very few foods high in phosphorus (as it will increase the risk of bone disease) such as milk, cheese, yogurt, beer, coca; reduce the amount of potassium in the diet.

Also, you need to lose weight if you are too fat; gentle exercise 30 minutes a day; does not drink beer; non-smokers.

Medication to treat high blood pressure combination of two kinds or more; together with diuretics. You are not allowed to quit smoking, controlling blood pressure is dangerous is stalking you because hypertension is the "silent killer".