Easy to treat Armpit disease!

Easy to treat Armpit disease!

Is armpit intractable diseases? 

Can be only two reasons for armpit disease, which is hereditary, the second due to personal hygiene issues. At present there are many methods of treatment armpit, so that the patient can choose. How to treat smelly armpits is the root problem is a lot of people interested. Here, experts clinics Thien Tam will introduce radical treatment of this disease.

You can use drugs or carry out minor surgery, medicines armpit also works to support specific treatment for genetic disease armpit odor reducing drugs can be. In addition to topical medication in the armpit, which inhibits odor-causing bacteria. Due to rapidly developing field of science, including medicine industry, now armpit medicine also provides effective treatment is remarkably effective.

Treatments armpit root is mentioned it is the primary method of minimally invasive surgery.

This method will first very small an incision under the arm, because the incisions are very small, so you feel secure is very difficult infection.

At the same time the support of the screen, will eradicate the root causes armpit, without leaving ugly scars. When carrying out minor surgery, the doctor will inject local anesthesia under the arm, so, during the course of the minor surgery you do not feel pain. This method is also very interested in the aesthetics, so you do not have to worry about bad scar.