Drugs for treatment of shingles

Drugs for treatment of shingles

Shingles is a common skin disease. If the duration of a lifetime, the percentage of people with up to 20% of the population. The disease can develop at any age but the age the higher the incidence is increasing.

Varicella zoster virus that causes shingles.

Most shingles patients with a history of chickenpox as a child. Virus causing shingles of the same species with the virus that causes chickenpox virus called varicella. Chickenpox seen mainly in children under 5 years of age. After chickenpox from, some of the varicella virus remains in a latent state without causing disease, residing in ganglia. When conditions are favorable, such as: immune deficiency, depression, mental trauma ... the virus back to active status, multiply and develop the sensory nerve endings and cause disease. At first the patient is often burning or pain and irritation in the skin and subcutaneous organizations on one side of the body. Many patients also suffer from seizures stuffed throbbing bouts in this area. Pain sensation last about 1-3 days in this area will emerge the blisters, concentrated in clusters, if not treated in time, they will develop into blisters. At first only damage the small crowd scattered into a range, if not treated, small portions spread out and linked to an array of large lesions localized in the entire skin flap in a the body: the chest area or an area ribs ... The absence of skin lesions, the diagnosis is often difficult. When only patients with pain in the left intercostal region is very misdiagnosed with angina pectoris. Pain in the pot holes can be misdiagnosed with appendicitis. Pain in the ribs to be confused with diseases of the liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys ... Pain in the eye or confused with eye disease. There are patients with severe headache on one side before the skin lesions of cranial nerve shingles, very nervous and sometimes patients had cranial CT scan to rule out other diseases.

Skin care at: Absolutely no scratching, scraping, rubbing lemon juice, rubbing salt, covering green beans, glutinous rice. If you do will make the damage becomes deeper, more widespread and particularly infection, ulcers. Patients can shower every day but not rubbing the soap directly to the skin disease. No need to abstain from eating and drinking.


If treatment is delayed or early treatment that insufficient doses will leave many complications. Time to treatment for the best results 48 hours after the skin lesions. Within a week, the result of slower but still good. If too late, the poor treatment results and may leave sequelae such as: chronic pain for months, years even the pain extends to the end of his life, especially in the elderly. If shingles nerve damage eye branch of V (eye diagnosed as shingles), can cause reduced or complete loss of vision. If shingles damage nerves VII (Ramsay Hunt syndrome) can cause facial paralysis, mouth distortion. Other complications may be encountered such as: ulcers, keloid ...

Site: when injury blisters, drainage should not topical ointments as this will increase swelling in injuries. Should apply the liquid as jarish, dalibour, antibiotic solution, blue methylene, castelani ... after 5-7 days of dry skin damage than you can apply acyclovir cream 3-5 times a day.

Body: the patient is required to take full dose of antibiotics kill viruses under the close monitoring of doctors specializing in dermatology. Antibiotics are acyclovir oral dose of 1 800 mg x 5 times in 1 day, 3 hours to drink one time. Medication time is 7-8 days. Medication side effects as nausea or diarrhea in 3-5% of cases. When side effects patients have to visit again soon. Drug acyclovir does not use in patients with renal failure, in this case, can use electrical stimulation also achieved very good results in many patients. If pain can pain medication. If possible, can beam laser spot Helinion to heal skin damage and contribute to the recovery of nerve damage. In advanced disease stage can be administered gamma globulin 16% to enhance immunity. Patients a lot of pain and the degree of pain at post-treatment acyclovir, you can drink more nerve pain as Lyrica, gabapentine, carbamazepine, amitriptyline, but must be specified and monitored by a specialist dermatology .

shingles usually no recurrence, without causing damage to the organs and brain.

Shingles infection problem

Varicella Zoster virus can be transmitted through the placenta. In fact we found a number of cases of shingles after patient exposure to chickenpox or shingles patients. The reverse is also the case of some patients with shingles get chickenpox after several weeks.