Cure armpit disease should be noted

Cure armpit disease should be noted

Armpit disease

Armpit is an unpleasant smell coming from the skin under the arms. It smells like the smell of skunk in the estrous season makes people can not stand. Armpit treatment is urgent, it should be noted that while treatment armpit? Here, the expert of Thien Tam clinic will help you better understand this issue.

Currently, the number of people infected armpit is not small, especially in adolescents and odors often arise in crowded places. Armpit not bring myself feeling annoyed, but also affect the smell of people in public places, cause aversion of the people around. This not only seriously affect the everyday activities of the patient, but also cause damage to their self-esteem.

Youth is the object most obvious smelly armpits. Patients entering into middle age, Apocrine sweat gland gradually degenerate, the smell may be reduced or even disappear. In addition, the appearance of the armpit are affected by genetic and ethnic factors, if a parent armpit, the percentage of infected children was 50%; if both parents are armpit, to-child transmission rate is 70%. However, if armpit parents that their children are not, the next generation will not have to worry about the genetic disease armpit.

Cure armpit disease

For with severe armpit patients, can use antiperspirant, disinfect, microbicides outside the skin under the arms, such as solution fomanlin 5% - 10%, benzalkonium chloride 0.1% solution formaldehyde 2% - 4%, 20% aluminum chloride. There can also use powder applied outside of the skin under the arm like flour your gains (Lithargyrum), alum powder and flour The armpit (alum 30 grams, oyster shell powder 15 grams, camphor 15 grams, or regulations)

People armpit sick when treatment can apply physical therapy or primary surgical procedure. Currently, the method of physical therapy there are many such as laser therapy, microwave therapy microwave, high-frequency power projection. This is the main method used physical effects such as laser, microwave microwave to destroy the sweat glands Apocrine to treat. Primary surgical treatment armpit is minor surgery Apocrine sweat gland removal or removal of Apocrine sweat ducts to prevent sweating, which makes the smell disappear.