Chronic renal failure: Early detection by?

Chronic renal failure: Early detection by?

The signs of chronic renal failure: 

loss of appetite, unusual tiredness, urination, drinking plenty of water, dysuria, hematuria small chisel, abdominal pain, pain along the lumbar spine, hypertension, edemaheavy or cramping ...
To overwork, there is no reasonable diet is the cause of this patient with renal failure.
There are many causes for kidney disease, including congenital causes, toxins, diet, anti-inflammatory drugs ...

In addition, a number of other diseases can also lead to kidney failure, such as urinary tract infections, diabetes, high blood pressure, vascular disease ...
Arbitrary anti-inflammatory medications will limit the filtering ability of the kidneys to cause acute or chronic renal failure. As for antibiotics, if you take the wrong dose, long-term drinking, drinking is not as directed by your doctor is more likely to damage the kidneys, causing kidney failure ...

Most important in the prevention of chronic kidney disease is detected early signs of disease, such as loss of appetite, unusual tiredness, urination, drinking plenty of water, dysuria, hematuria, urine is cloudy, abdominal pain, pain along the lumbar spine, high blood pressure, swelling or cramps ...
birth to a number of factors that can lead to chronic renal failure such as congenital narrowing of the urethra, the narrow mouth of the urethra, the narrow foreskin, there can be prevented by early surgery.

Early surgery will avoid stagnant urine causing urinary tract infection, bladder infection lead to a kidney infection.

Eating, reduce risk

According to experts on urinary kidney diet to help minimize the risk of chronic kidney disease. Accordingly, do not eat too many foods high in calcium such as clams, oysters, shrimp, crab ... because calcium can crystallize into stones.

The oxalic acid foods should be restricted (compound in spinach, spinach, spinach, etc.).

In particular, non-vegetarians will lead to the body to absorb more salt disrupt the water balance in the body. For those with hypertension, much less eat too salty. Because high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels, preventing blood vessels eliminate impurities.
Drink plenty of water efficiency measures to help the kidneys filter toxins, residues can form kidney stones out better. The doctor also recommended, did not become thirsty to drink water, every day a person should drink at least 1.5 - 2 liters of water has been cooked. Also, do not use diuretic drinks such as tea, coffee because the risk of kidney tired, creating kidney stones.

Due to any cause, patients with chronic renal failure and dialysis to remove the toxic waste builds up in the blood. Hemodialysis machine will suck the blood from the veins to the filter and then returned to the body. Each dialysis session takes 6-8 hours, must be carried out several times a week.

When suffering from chronic renal failure, patients must adhere to a special diet as directed by your doctor to reduce the burden on the kidneys. If the cause is high blood pressure or diabetes, to control the disease by modifying lifestyle and medication to slow the progression of kidney failure.