Chronic kidney disease should limit protein

Chronic kidney disease should limit protein

The good advise for chronic renal failure

The experiments on both animals and humans showed that dietary protein restriction helps to control blood urea increased status and slow the progression of chronic renal failure. But high-protein diet will increase blood urea and faster disease progression.

Chronic renal failure is a syndrome of a lifetime disease patients, progression gradually. If this disease, your diet must follow the principle: limit the amount of protein, full of energy, full of vitamins and trace elements.

Allowed to eat protein daily depending on the severity of the disease. If chronic kidney disease stage 1, you get 0.8 g of protein) / kg body weight. Index in period 2 is 0.6; Phase 3a is 0.5; Phase 3b is 0.4 and stage 4 is 0.2. If you are the cycle of artificial kidney dialysis, the amount of protein in the diet may increase as normal: 1 to 1.2 g / kg per day.

Should be based on the amount of protein in 100 g of food in order to calculate daily food intake. For example, people with CKD stages 2 weight 50 kg if only get protein from beef, they are allowed to eat per day 0.6 x 50): 20 = 150 g meat. However, rice, maize, wheat, beans, vegetables, fruits ... meal should contain a protein of meat to be reduced by about 1/3, which means that no more than 1 ounce per / day. That can replace meat with fish, eggs, tofu, milk ...

Although the need to reduce the protein, but you still have to be provided in all 8 essential amino acids. Therefore, you should choose foods rich in amino acids such as beef, lean pork, heart, fish, egg yolk ... In addition, to ensure sufficient energy (about 1,800 - 2,000 cal), water, vitamins and minerals to help metabolism is good.

Patients with chronic renal failure should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; limited sour fruits; do not eat much potassium as the processed dried fruits (apricot, apricots, water crocodiles, raisins). Can take more vitamin B.

Chronic renal failure and protein restricted mode usually causes loss of appetite, loss of appetite. So you need to change the food processing and how to be able to eat off the diet.