Chronic kidney disease - or patients with anemia

Chronic kidney disease - or patients with anemia

Kidney does not produce enough hormone epoetin, which may have a role to stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells. Because red blood cells contain hemoglobin helps transport oxygen in patients with kidney failure, your body does not get enough oxygen needed for normal operation.
People with anemia often feel fatigue, shortness of breath and easy clouds up, poor concentration and easily frustrated with difficulties in their daily work. The symptoms of chronic renal failure, such as drowsiness, mood changes, restless sleep, decreased ability to become sexually active, in line ... can weigh up to anemia. When the above expression, should have a blood test to assess the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin (hemoglobin) and red blood cell volume.

In the past, the only solution for the treatment of anemia due to chronic renal blood transfusion. RBC deficiency is transmitted into the body, thereby improving the ability to transport oxygen to the body and reduce the symptoms of anemia. However, now experts agree that there should be long-term blood transfusion because it can lead to high risk patients such as: infectious diseases (hepatitis B, C, HIV), allergic reaction haemolysis, iron overload, stimulation of antibody adversely affect renal transplant later. Therefore, the current treatment is mainly based on additional epoetin injectable dosage forms.

Epoetin drugs work the same as epoetin body, increases the production of red blood cells and thus cure the anemia. When untreated, the patient will feel better, appetite, reduce dyspnea, cardiac activity and sex life is much improved. So, epoetin help improve the patient's quality of life even though no cure for kidney disease.

Through years of research, we have discovered many uses of epoetin in various diseases such as kidney failure, cancer, neonatal, trauma, cardiovascular. Particularly in chronic kidney disease, epoetin can be used for patients at different disease stages: before the need for dialysis, need for dialysis and a kidney transplant, but the kidney transplant is not working well. The use of epoetin soon be able to prevent the symptoms of severe anemia and major heart condition, which is closely related to heart failure and death.

Patient body needs iron to make red blood cells after being injected epoetin. If the amount of iron in the body is low (detected by blood tests), patients who need to be compensated by oral or injectable medication containing iron.