Chronic kidney disease and treatment

Chronic kidney disease and treatment

Nervous fatigue and loss of concentration are signs of chronic renal failure chronic renal failure is a condition in renal function very slow progression. The cause is usually due to diabetes, high blood pressure, or acute glomerulonephritis. Need to control blood pressure, blood sugar and protein restricted diet to control disease.
The clinical symptoms: patients with initial signs of fatigue, decreased energy, insomnia, followed by loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting ... For a long time will lead to cardiovascular symptoms, such as pericarditis, heart failure, congestion and high blood pressure.

At the same time, the patient will be short blood coagulation and easy, mental fatigue, loss of concentration, insomnia, confusion, coma. It also lead to hormonal changes such as decreased testosterone, low sperm, infertility, erectile dysfunction and also cause osteoporosis, pathological fractures.

Cause of chronic renal failure: including kidney damage, such as: high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney congestion syndrome after prolonged urinary malformations, the disease in chronic as glomerular inflammation of the kidney disease renal vascular and diabetes.
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Treatment for chronic renal failure:

Internal Medicine:

- Need to improve the symptoms of chronic renal failure such as nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, anemia, control blood pressure, blood sugar, and protein restricted diet.

- Eliminate toxins must be taken by:

Addition to kidney dialysis: All patients concluded that the end-stage chronic renal failure, with a high blood urea and creatinine clearance <10ml/phut must be specified outside the kidney dialysis.

In addition, specify the renal dialysis in addition can also apply for an emergency like:

+ Increased blood potassium, medical therapy does not improve.

+ Metabolic acidosis.

+ For volume overload, does not respond to diuretic therapy.

Currently there are two methods of renal dialysis treatment in addition to the artificial kidney and peritoneal dialysis. The selection of the appropriate method depends on the patient, geographical distance or near the center of the artificial kidney ...

Kidney transplant: This is the best method of treatment for patients with end-stage chronic renal failure.