Armpit disease - Surgery to cure

Armpit disease - Surgery to cure

Armpit is a disease which is considered incurable, causing a lot of stress in your life, for both the owner and the people around. Disease which is often associated with increased sweating armpit, sometimes the sweat elsewhere, such as the hands, face, head and feet. However, increased sweating armpits and armpit disease have fundamental differences. Increased sweating is said to be due to the protective function of the sympathetic nervous system, and the sympathetic nerve in the corresponding region has been shown to be effective in reducing or increasing the information loss. Armpit disease due to the protective function of the sweat glands in place (ie the armpit hole).

Human excretory glands of two types: apocrine and eccrine. Eccrine are distributed over most of the body's skin and associated with the function of regulating body temperature, which means that when the body is hot, it details a lot and vice versa. Apocrine, it was different, it was distributed only in the armpits, genital area and breasts. Sometimes it is also found in the periorbital and around the external ear canal.

Surgery to treat Armpit disease

Apocrine not have anything to do with the thermostat which is responsible for producing the smell ... man, is to recognize each other and mutually attractive. It is said "the couple used a little" is the familiar smell. But when the heavy smell too annoying.

In addition to the intensity function apocrine glands, diseases armpit also by the action of bacteria armpit. Bacteria decompose the product information of apocrine into ammonia and short-chain fatty acids, things that cause unpleasant odors.

Increased sweating disease can be treated by laparoscopic surgery cutting the sympathetic ganglia, or cut the sympathetic ganglion chain in the chest. In contrast, for patients armpit, cutting the sympathetic ganglia had no effect.

Treatment armpit including infection, clean the skin of the armpit and topical anti-odor. However for eradication need surgery to remove the sweat glands armpit hollow area. There are many techniques to do this, such as laser, liposuction armpit, direct brain surgery system glands in the skin of the armpit ...

Before the surgery is often associated with skin necrosis should generally not extensive. The main reason for this is due to not overestimate the map apocrine glands in the armpit area, leading to dissection to nowhere is enough. With new advances in treatment techniques, doctors can draw route maps smelly armpit and proactive planning to get drops in that area, to ensure the removal of all online without incision in the skin there is no line.

Scarring after surgery is usually only a small scar in the two hollow armpit, will dim and fades over time. Permanent loss of smell after surgery. No compensatory sweating as sympathetic ganglion burning chest.