Armpit disease and how to treat armpit

Armpit disease and how to treat armpit

Painless but unpleasant odors which seriously affected the daily communication. What to do to remove it from the body when the main victims of this disease are the girls?
Armpit disease

1. Cause of Armpit disease

The small sweat glands distributed throughout the body but concentrated in the enclosed space, slot folds such as the armpits, groin. The sweat glands are usually active starting from the age of puberty because the body's endocrine hormones in the period of prosperity.

When encountering stress, agitation, large sweat glands that secrete a fatty acid in the form of fluid, fat, protein ... to see bacteria on the skin will turn into a type of fatty acid insoluble odor smell.

Modern science that armpit heredity, often occur in a family or a clan. Traditional medicine also such notions, such major surgery cardboard (source books Chinese Medicine) which says: "The armpit is due to the genetic parents."

2. Treatment for Armpit disease

Armpit is not a dangerous disease. If mild armpit, just regular scented soap and warm water to wash the armpits, then dab chalk is aromatic. By the a great sweat glands would have narrow, armpit down gradually and then go away.

Foreign patients this treatment, the effect is quite good:

- Use alum evidence on to become lumpy flour (can use hand squeeze smooth), ground into a fine powder, washing powder and apply it to the axillary, 1-2 times a day.

- Use powdered agar powder, washing powder and apply it to the axillary, 1-2 times a day, after a few days will remove armpit.

- Using formalin solution 2-3% or 2-5% tannin solution applied to the armpit, may inhibit sweating and odors infamous.

You can also use surgery armpit for people with severe armpit, seriously affect the operation of communication and family activities.