6 tips to cure your armpit disease

6 tips to cure your armpit disease

Armpit with genetic disease, but there are also cases due to eating habits unreasonable. Culinary habits unreasonable is also one of the causes armpit.

There are many kinds of cosmetics and drugs to help eliminate this problem. In many cases, hygiene products, deodorant and perfume had to give up. Here are six popular treatments are effective following:

     1. Alum earth

     In addition to the treatment of high blood pressure, coughing up blood, malaria, chronic otitis media ... many people use alum as a cure for armpit, help them more comfortable in communication activities as well as daily. Method:

     - After washing clean, use alum roasted, pulverized and milled to the armpit. Armpit sweating out to meet alum will be reduced under the effect of aluminum sulfate, rubbing 3-4 times a week.

     After a bath, take Department of alum to (in citrus fruits) to rub his arm, ensure 2-3 days axillary odor emanates.

     2. Ginger

     Essential components of ginger contains 20-25% oil and 20-30% spicy. This substance prevents the sweating process, help keep your armpits dry skin fresh and flying odors. Method: Fresh Ginger washed, extraction of water, applied to the armpits several times a day, make sure the smell will be pushed back.

     3. Use ant black spikes

     The scientists said, there are many kinds of insects are used as medicines, including ants, especially the black barbed comments. We always are visitor "unwelcome" after the party, and they often make you uncomfortable. But the ants have a lot of benefits in the treatment of human disease. Method: The ants crushed black gauze bag and place in thin, dark, up on the second arm. It will suck the toxins in the lymph nodes of the armpit, armpit so you will not smell anymore. You must make at least two weeks to be effective.

     4. Betel leaf

     Many recent studies show that betel leaves contain tannin, sugar, diataza and essential oils. Its pale yellow oil, flavor concentration, the taste is hot and spicy. It can cure diseases such as: lower back pain, headache, sore throat, heal burns, anti-inflammatory, cleaning, etc. In addition, betel contains a phenol called chavicol form is characterized very good disinfectant. Therefore betel very helpful in reducing body odor. Method: betel leaf clean, the shower to rub it into the armpit, within one month of continuous odor is eliminated.

     5. Lemon

    After your bath clean cut lemon tea rub armpit. Continuously for a month, make sure you will not have to bother about the persistent odor of the body.

     6. Melon leaves

     - Use the crushed leaves of bitter melon, water column by right armpit. After about a week the smell is reduced almost not anymore.

     - Residue of bitter melon leaves after water tight tape you can use to sleep right in the armpit. After some time of application, make sure you will be pleased with the results that it brings.