Turmeric can reduce the risk of blood cancer

Turmeric can reduce the risk of blood cancer

On Thursday 9-9, the scientists said the technology can prevent children from blood cancer.

In the past 50 years, the proportion of people with blood cancer has increased steadily but the number of cases in Asia is less than the West.

Professor Moolky Nagabhushan of the Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago, said the main reason that people know that the cause of this disease is lifestyle and environmental conditions (infections, viruses, radiation, drugs pesticides and chemicals).

His research shows that technology reduces the impact of the pathogen.

He and his colleagues have demonstrated that spices reduce the proliferation of leukemia cells (in laboratory studies) and prevent destructive agents such as tobacco and a mode diet lacks diversity.

Professor Marilyn Kwan of the University of California said: "We found that regularly eating oranges and bananas during the first 2 years of life will also reduce the likelihood of blood cancer in children".

She added: "These findings show the important role of fresh fruits and vegetables in the prevention of cancer in adults."