Treating pediatric oncology TP

The MHA tumors studied at the Center for Hematology and treating pediatric oncology TP. Ekaterinburg, Russia have invented a new method of treatment of childhood leukemia, a disease for which the medical community, until now, have to give up.

It is the combination of chemotherapy and ATRA drugs, a drug commonly used to treat cancer in adults. According to Larisa Fechina, director of the Center for Hematology and treated pediatric oncology Ekaterinburg, in the first stage using traditional chemotherapy to destroy the majority of the tumor, then those cells still remain, ie born leukemia cells, identified by ATRA therapy. Thus, by changing the turn ATRA therapy and chemotherapy can destroy all malignant tumors. Currently, 40 young patients were recovering health by the treatment by this method.

According to statistics, the mortality rate in patients under 1 year of age diagnosed with leukemia up to 100%.