Stem cells and fight with leukemia

Stem cells and fight with leukemia

A study on the case of two identical twin sister was taken to a new understanding of the cause of disease in childhood leukemia and from here can go to a revolution in the treatment of - and possibly preventing this evil disease - disease causing high mortality.

Leukemia from the womb

Twin sisters Olivia and Isabella Murphy at the age of 4, from Bromley the particles Kent (UK), from the case of two children has provided the science world a surprising insight about nature of leukemia because the disease evolution, when both sisters leukemia but only baby Olivia is the most severe disease progression. Scientists believe that the new findings will help them understand more about the causes of pathogenesis and treatment better solutions with less severe and cause more complications. It can also help in the search for final causes in the formation of the disease. While with the latest diagnostic results are about 500 children suffering from the disease each year in the UK.

Olivia and Isabella share the same gene mutation for hematopoietic cells in the bone marrow, this mutant formed during two girls just as the fetus is in the womb of the mother, on the other hand, both parents of the children also had the same mutation. But, sick dread instead of only every baby Olivia has developed leukemia because she did not have the luck of a second mutation after her birth, usually cause cancer . Scientists believe that the phenomenon of mutation in the womb - has occurred in one of the fetuses, but it was transferred to another body through the circulatory system blood cells - making both children twin sister when both birth contain pre-cancerous stem cells in their blood, their causes warning leukemia.

Twin sister Olivia and Issabella Murphy.

Fight disease

GS. Mel Greaves work at the Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton, Surrey (UK), said: "We suspect that these cells can" escape "with the usual round of chemotherapy" and is the cause of re- both during and after treatment. " Baby Olivia has successfully undergone the treatment of leukemia and the disease was in remission. However, she was blind in one eye due to infection caused after their chemotherapy treatment directly affects the immune system of the baby.

Mother of twin sisters Olivia and Isabella, Sarah, was 35 years old, said that the cure for evil diseases of baby Olivia had much influence on the growth of her body, her hair are increasingly being curly again, but at this stage, the researchers identify new signs of pre-cancerous blood cells. Sarah worry so much for her little girl Isabella. Burdened the heart of a mother, Sarah said: "The disease of baby Olivia almost became clear also helps us make sure your child has leukemia ... but baby Isabella still have not the difficulties to be overcome. The doctor said, precancerous cells can die, but obviously have a gallows hanging on our family. Everything seems to be very difficult, but my wife and I will not surrender to fate, and we want to provide a positive outlook for children's diseases. A child already suffering disease, but my wife and I are at risk will have two children suffering from an incurable disease, but if you want happy family, we try not to think much about the disease of the child ". GS. Greaves, who studied with GS. Tariq Enver work at the Institute for Molecular Medicine of the Medical Research Council at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) said that, the genetic mutations found in pre-cancerous stem cells of two twin sisters Olivia and Isabella Murphy caused by the combination of two genes in turn called TEL and AML-1.

When scientists make hybrid implant 2 TEL-AML-1 gene into the cells and insert mutations in the body cells of mice, the mutant cells were self-renewing themselves to the bone marrow of animals, this pattern is similar to that form in children as in the case of twin sisters Olivia and Isabella. GS. Tariq Enver give explanation: "This study has given a meaning that we now can check that the treatment of acute leukemia in children can be correlated with the disappearance or the existence of stem cells of leukemia. Our next goal is to target the leukemia stem cell money and cancer stem cells themselves with the new drug or drugs are used to treat leukemia, avoid depression and often have dangerous side effects from current treatments. "

Bruce Morland, a cancer expert at working children at Birmingham Children's Hospital (UK) said that the study has brought scientists one step closer to the "Holy Grail" in the identification of leukemia stem cells. Morland said: "By identifying the stem cells of leukemia, it is the last hope of the doctors to help patients access to new treatments, to minimize the dangerous side effects than conventional chemotherapy treatments. "