Leukemia is one of the most rapidly fatal disease

Leukemia is one of the most rapidly fatal disease. Because it is a disease impact on the blood supply agencies, lush body. There are no small proportion of patients have been treated as still marrow relapse. Recently, it was found out measures to prevent disease recurrence.
It is promising study results, published in the journal Stem Cell. The authors of this research are scientists from Imperial College London (UK). Accordingly, scientists have conducted an impact on two key proteins of the proliferation of stem cells, that Bmi1 and Hoxa9. These two proteins are known as two key protein in stem cell proliferation and recurrent mechanism causing this unpleasant disease. Initial study results showed that survival time can be from the time of the study with the test object is 2 years.

Although new studies confined to mice, but what has been found and can then soon we can prevent the disease never make it back. Even, we can prevent the disease since it has not happened yet.

(BBC, 6/2011)