Hope to blood cancer vaccine?

Hope to blood cancer vaccine?

In a very near future, blood cancer vaccine will become a reality. This vaccine uses a special material transformed from cancer patients to stimulate the immune system to detect and attack the myeloma cells.

The scientists tested the vaccine on humans and that these initial results are very positive. Professor Michael Bishop said he and his colleagues are very pleased with the preliminary results.

He said that this new method will be effective because it attacks the myeloma cells without attacking healthy cells. A spokesman for Blood Cancer Research Institute, said: "This work is very interesting, but we need to overcome a number of barriers because it can affect both patients and marrow. Yet The most difficult is not known whether the vaccine can be used for all peoples? ".

Usually when a marrow transplant, patients will be able to resist myeloma cells but sometimes this process occurs not as expected and the success rate is not high. But with the new method, people vaccinated for the marrow, while the body of the person to be immune to cancer. Upon receipt of the donor marrow was injected vaccine, the patient's immune system will easily destroy myeloma cells.

Myeloma developed from cells in the bone marrow called plasma, as well as parts of the body to create antibodies against the infection. Cancer occurs when blood serum in myeloma cells defective unit and rapidly growing out of control. When this disease, the patient's chance of survival is very low and even if treated with chemotherapy or bone marrow transplant, they only prolong life by 2 to 4 years.