Cure blood cancers (Leukemia)

Cure blood cancers (Leukemia)

As documented of Dr. Vu documents Dzi benzene is proven medicine can cause a number of diseases including cancer of the blood (leukemia) due to a toxic effect on the stem cells in the bone marrow (bone marrow) is the production of blood cells such as white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets (platelets).

Once infected, the bone marrow cells to produce cancer cells rather than normal cells and causes blood loss, bleeding, infection .. because the cancer cells are not capable of normal cells. Last time the bone marrow and strangled by invasive cancer cells and make the patient died of complications.

Previously blood cancer mortality rate is almost 100% because there is no medication for the cancer cells or revive the bone marrow are muffled. But recently thanks to some new drug discovery and engineering is a bone marrow transplant (bone marrow transplant), some cases of leukemia, especially in children can heal, the success rate can be up to over 90%. In adults, the lower, but in the future can be conquered thanks to new techniques. Theory of blood cancer treatment relatively simple like bringing destroy a house with termites then building a whole new house!

The doctor uses powerful drugs to kill cancer cells in the patient's body and then taking it out from a bone marrow (bone marrow donor) is usually in the family, relatives and bring transplant patients. The transplanted cells will migrate into the bone marrow of patients will then produce new blood cells to help patients heal. Obstacle is to find the appropriate person and have a genetic structure similar to that after patients not occur rejection (Rejection).

The BS is technical research using stem cells (stem cells) to form new bone marrow cells and in the future this technology will be improved and will help solve the search for bone marrow. Another technique is to use the cells in the umbilical cord (cord cells) because these cells, like stem cells should be used to form blood cells bring communication to the patient. The benefit is that umbilical cord cells are easy to find and not to resort to the fetus and is now planning to make a cord bank in the United States. Bone marrow transplantation techniques now have more progress to conquer blood cancers. At the University of Oklahoma Medical, BS Teaching the Teacher Thy Nguyen Khanh Japan is now a member of hematologic Subject (mematology) is famous for a bone marrow transplant and has saved many patients suffering from blood cancer that were previously considered as holding a death sentence in hand.

Currently in Vietnam, the cure of cancer of the blood in the hospital is very expensive. A common case for a week of treatment costs would require at least 70 million or more, so people who are sick will be a burden for many families, even likely defeat.

Security report issued on 22/2/2006 World written report about a physician named Nanhai, in Phuc Duc village Sai Son, Quoc Oai district, Ha Tay province remedies cure cancer leukemia and treatment for many people. You can find details on the issue. I tested checked on page of but have not seen to date.

To the address on your physician can come in the following way:

In Hanoi, you ask to go the Lang - Hoa Lac. Go through the toll plaza of the highway a few hundred meters, the first entrance on the right. You follow this path and asphalt to Thay Pagoda, which is located in Sai Son commune.

In the Son Tay, Phu Tho ... you take the road 32, Shanxi by about 15 km, see column miles recorded Hanoi 29 km, the column that has the exit turn right, at the entrance to the dog is called, this exit turn 4 km is located in Sai Son commune.

Hopefully my article to you, so that you tips for those who are sick go to the doctor on that treatment, moderate rates, poor people can be treated. Patients cured many, many people return hospital told only about one month to live, but now cured and healthy. (According to the World Security report issued on 22/02/2006)