Blood has the highest cancer risk

Statistics of scientists showed that blood relationship with the risk of cancer, particularly cancer of the stomach.

In molecular epidemiological studies of stomach and colorectal cancer in Vietnam by Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu (Hanoi Medical University) as Manager showed that, among 612 patients with cancer letter and not cancer, cancer history of family research subjects related to cancer. Specifically, in families of people with cancer is likely to increase the risk of cancer with cancer risk index is 1.82.

According to experts, not only in the subject but many domestic and foreign researchers also showed that in families of people with cancer, the risk is very high, more than two times higher than the others. Besides, consider a history of peptic ulcer disease in the study subjects through the numbers showed that: In total 133 people with a history of peptic ulcer, 87 gastric cancer, accounted for 65.4 percent.

This conclusion is consistent with publication of the Institute of Cancer Research Petrov (Russian) is 70% of gastric cancers arise in people with stomach ulcers lasted for over 10 years.

In the blood, the number of blood group A disease is highest.

Blood groups A, B high risk of cancer

Dr. Le Tran Prudence, Department of Occupational Health, Hanoi Medical University is the vice president of the topic, said: A number of studies showed that gastric cancer associated with blood group. Coefficient of blood type A disease is highest: 1.35%; blood group B was 1.21; blood group O blood group AB is 1.01 and 0.73. In particular, the incidence of gastric cancer in blood group A increased by 15 - 20%.

"There have been studies that show that genetic factors have a potential role in the process of gastric cancer. This is consistent with research in family history group likely to increase the risk of cancer. Having the family 2-3 times higher risk compared with the community and the blood group A has higher cancer rates. Our results match the conclusions are with blood group A and B high risk of stomach cancer than the control group, ", Dr. Le Tran Prudence said.

However, experts confirmed: Blood itself can not cause cancer. There may be new coordinate certain factors of gastric cancer in people with blood type A or B. Therefore, further studies are required to prove this hypothesis while contributing to prevention of gastric cancer effectively.

"The survey and scientific evidence, but everyone in general and those with blood group A or B gastric cancer and many other types of cancer by changing habits such as not smoking cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol or beer under 50ml/ngay. Never cook food at high temperatures such as roasting, frying, baking, roasting would be safer, "Dr. Le Tran Prudence advice.

Drinking green tea may reduce the risk of cancer

In the study, scientists have yet to see the connections between tea and coffee drinking habits related to cancer risk. This result is consistent with the case-control study of diet and gastric cancer in Turkey's Tanner Demirer and colleagues when they claim not to see the difference in the use of tea between the patient group and the control group evidence.

Meanwhile, experimental studies in Japan and China have shown green tea polyphenolic compounds have the effect of preventing tumors in animals. Research mice drinking green tea by the author Allan Conney in Where synthesis Tutger has identified tea is associated with reduced risk of stomach cancer by 58%. Subscribe on research in nutrition and stomach cancer in Japan, found that drinking more than 10 cups of green tea / day can reduce the risk of stomach cancer