Blood cancer cure?

Blood cancer cure?

Today 11-8, the first time in human history, scientists have succeeded in finding a treatment for leukemia. Treatment mainly as a patient's own blood cells into "assassins" to destroy the cancer cells themselves.

This method is applied to three patients, most of the patients condition improved, a recuperating well, but only a few cancer cells, 2 the rest of the cell is no longer cancer.

Scientists have tried to enhance immunity against cancer. They also use an "airport" provide new genes into cells, it kills cancer cells appear.

Known, the scientists are trying gene therapy techniques for other types of cancer. In addition, scientists are applying the gene therapy technique in leukemia-related cancers, as well as pancreatic and ovarian cancer. In addition, other institutions are looking at prostate and brain cancer.

Dr. Carl, a gene therapy expert at the University of Pennsylvania, said: "After a year of testing, we have found time for final remission".

However, in an editorial in the New England Journal issued a caution: "This only happens for three patients, although 3 patients better than one patient, but not the 100 patients" .

However, patients with "luck" that always constant words: "I'm healthy and still in remission status can not be returned intact, but I decided to declare victory and claim that I've won. "